Baptism and Marriage Prep: by appointment 752-6788
First Communion and Confirmation 752-6788
Parish Staff
Father Rod Ermatinger, Pastor 752-6788
Charlie Harball, Deacon 752-6788
Megan Holt, Bookkeeper 751-6816
Kim Maes, Liturgical Music Coordinator 751-6813
Ruby Reiner, Receptionist 752-6788
Jeanne O’Connell, Pastoral Assistant 752-6520
St. Matthew’s School
Neil Bergman, Principal 752-6303
Theresa Surynt, Registrar/Human Resources 752-6303
Charlie Sherrill, Secretary 752-6303
St Matthew’s Catholic Early Learning Center
Andrea Hanson & Sarah Baker, Director 756-6807
Maintenance & Security 751-6815
Social Concerns
Michael Huekhang 752-6402
Gretchen Knuffke                                751-6826
Prayer Line
Karol Witt 837-0072
Diocese of Helena Chancery Office 800-584-8914